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5:00 PM17:00

Unclear and Indistinct

  • Hokin Gallery, Columbia College Chicago (map)
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PLEASE JOIN ME FOR A PRIVATE VIEWING of sixteen preplexing grayscale images. The images are digital adjustments of photographic documentation of objects of passing, though energetic interest. They distort and make fuzzy and unrecognizable the objects at their source. My goal is to lend materiality and texture to a medium that is otherwise immaterial and slick: the digital. The images and the process by which they were derived reflect my work as a whole, which has come to tacitly map a shift in the general regime of thinking and designing away from intention to suggestion, from clarity to obscurity, from revelation and representation to mystery and murkiness, from preconceived ideas willfully imposed on matter to extant material conditions that, once surrendered to, throw off their own forms that suggest design. Resisting the sovereign, static, transcendental, and ideal geometries of Classical and Modern design, I concoct supple, dynamic, material processes of production.

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SAIC Design Show 2017
6:00 PM18:00

SAIC Design Show 2017

The project urges designers of all variety to resist falling upon established and self-evident forms and practices or upon hastily invented or improvised ones imposed externally, willfully, and without regard to context. It urges designers to see the need to become and remain attentive and responsive to the suggestive potential for design already present and embedded in existing material conditions, local circumstances, and cultural conventions. The project presented aims to be a concrete demonstration of this.

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12:15 PM12:15

AIADO Lecture Series

One of the pressingly critical issues of our age is war. Given its awesome and fearsome scale, and the belligerence of those who wage it, and the leveling destruction of places, and the ensuing and harrowing flight and displacement of people, and the depth of their trauma and suffering, architecture is convoked—uniquely so and in ways unlike any other in its impressive past—to respond with thoughtful dispatch to a human and material plight unparalleled in history. This talk aims to explore the imperatives of and directives for the construction of architectural ecosystems attentive, sensitive, and responsive to the deep-rooted psychological, social, cultural, and environmental needs, requirements, and conventions of people who have faced the ultimate of existential threats and of the locales that, despite their overwhelming ruin, hold the promise of healing and recovery.

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